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Pastor, filmmaker, and author John Jackman lives Lewisville, NC.  He’s been combining pastoral ministry and active filmmaking for nearly thirty years, a feat he equates to juggling a bowling ball and a running chain saw.

After attending NC State University, John graduated from Moravian College and Theological Seminary in Bethlehem PA (BA/Philosophy 1979, Master of Divinity 1982).  He was ordained as a pastor of the Moravian Church in 1982.  He has served churches in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and North Carolina.

John has been involved in video production since the mid-seventies, and was one of the early adopters of digital video.  An award-winning director and producer, he is the author of Lighting for Digital Video and Television (2002, CMP Books) just released in a new full-color 3rd edition;  Bluescreen Compositing (2006, Focal Press); and for over a decade was a contributing editor to DV Magazine.   His books have been translated into Chinese and Spanish and are in active use in academic film production programs at many colleges and universities.

Jackman has taught professional workshops on digital production and lighting for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), the American Film Institute (AFI), DV Expo , the Library of Congress, as well as film festivals, film schools, college, and university programs.

Over the years, John has won many industry awards for his work.  Most recently. he received both a Telly® award and the FEXY Award from the American Pixel Academy for the CGI effects in the opening of Wesley.  That movie also received Telly® awards in the categories of Religion & Spirituality and History & Biography.

John was recognized as Humanitarian of the Year in the area of Technology by the ScottCares Foundation for his work in mentoring young filmmakers.

Jackman was one of the founders of Comenius Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that encourages ethics in television and film production and develops positive programming.  His production company, Inspirata Films, creates faith-related films; its Technicine unit creates advanced visual effects for film and video.

John currently serves as senior pastor of Trinity Moravian Church in Winston-Salem, NC, where he encourages intergenerational and welcoming ministry; he has recently helped to nurture the development of an intentional Christian community, Anthony’s Plot, which is housed on the Trinity campus.  He lives in the woods outside of Winston-Salem, NC with his wife Debbie, their daughter, six noisy ducks, a couple of quirky cats, and more stories than you can shake a stick at.

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